Virginia Council on Economic Education
High School Economics and Personal Finance

Below is a day by day approach for teaching Virginia's high school Economics and Personal Finance course.  Each day provides a brief overview of the content, key vocabulary, and relevant portions of the Virginia Board of Education's curriculum framework, as well as teaching tips, lessons and resources.

Introduction and Overview

Unit 1 - About Decisions (10 days)

Unit 2 - Economic Systems (6 days)

Unit 3 - Producers and Consumers in a Market Economy (11 days)

Unit 4 - The Price System (11 days)

Unit 5 - How Are Businesses Organized (6 days)

Unit 6 - What Will Determine My Income (7 days)

Unit 7 - The Role of Government in a Market Economy (8 days)

Unit 8 - How Does the Health of the Economy Affect You? (6 days)

Unit 9 - Monetary and Fiscal Policy (11 days)

Unit 10 - We Are Part of the Global Economy (9 days)

Unit 11 - Goals, Saving, Interest and Banking (12 days)

Unit 12 - Investment & Saving Planning (11 days)

Unit 13 - Labor Markets, Human Capital and Income (9 days)

Unit 14 - Taxes (7 days)

Unit 15 - Budgeting and Consumer Skills (10 days)

Unit 16 - Planning for Living and Leisure (7 days)

Unit 17 - Credit (14 days)

Unit 18 - Events Affecting the Plan (11 days)

More lessons and resources can be found at designed for Virginia teachers of the high school economics and personal finance course.

EconEd includes many online lessons and resources and sections on:
Current Events
Calendar of Historical Events
Economics Data Resources (Real GDP, Nominal GDP. CPI, inflation, unemployment, federal budget, federal deficit)
Interactive tools (compound interest calculator)

Gen i Revolution, challenges high school students to complete a series of 15 missions, learning personal finance skills and competing against classmates while going head-to-head with the "Murktide," a network of double agents spreading false information about finance across the country. Learn more and register here.

Additional relevant lessons:
The Trial of Ms. Ann Flation

I Have One Ticket to the Super Bowl

If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?