Virginia Council on Economic Education
SMG Teacher Tools
SMG in 12 Easy Steps - suggestions for implementing the SMG into the classroom
Rules of the SMG

Training VIDEOS:

     Rules of the SMG 2014-15 - a video 'walking you through' the updated rules of the SMG

     SMG Teacher Support Center
- a video on the information and lessons available to teachers on the SMG website
    Enter a Trade - a video demonstrating how to make transactions on SMG.    

Trading the SMG Way  - a handout on making stock transactions on SMG.

Bonds the SMG Way - provides step by step instructions for buying bonds in the SMG portfolio.
Selling Short - gives outlines and examples of what it means to sell a stock short.
Meet Your Margin- explains what buying on the margin means and what different stock purchasing options are for investors
Sample Letter to Send Home - a sample letter that can be sent home to introduce the SMG to parents/guardians and how they can reinforce and encourage student learning
Troubleshooting - assists teachers in resolving possible technical problems 

Promotional Game - Go to registration page and choose appropriate promotional period under the drop-down menu.
The Equity Rule - explains the Maximum Percent Equity rule, in place for SMG particpants in order to encourage them to diversify their portfolios.  Go to for more information.

American Alphabet Cody  Can your students identify these corporate trademarks/logos, etc.?

Anatomy of an SMG Trade - helpful timeline information

FAQs - frequently asked questions for the SMG

Interpreting a Stock Quote - glossary of terms involved in a stock quote

SMG Stock Research Worksheet

When You Sell Short - the reasoning behing selling short and examples of the math involved

List of companies with Virginia headquarters - 
NOTE: These companies trade on a variety of exchanges; therefore, some may not be available for purchase in The Stock Market Game.  VA companies that no longer actively trade on any major stock exchange were removed from this list.

Important Dates
Spring SMG Session
Feb 2 - May 15, 2015; competition thru April 17
Year-long Session
Sept 22, 2014 - May 15, 2015; competition thru April 17
SMG Awards Luncheon
May 15, 2015